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Smart bracelet embarrassing Dayong, can escape the toy "destiny"?

Second and third tier cities, "the trend" who enjoy first-tier cities have been living in "Feast" was north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen "trend" who abandoned the smart bracelet but in the second and third tier cities outbreak of the "menarche", full of new things so curious to spend yet another "new" tool Following smartphone after, uh, networking tools. Smart phones are used as the control center for the user, but it also has its smartphone boundaries, such as human body's internal excavation, digging run, sleep, heart rate and other data, the phone is not possible to place personal, so it can not be detected to this information. Smart

bracelet regarded as the first smartphone hardware derivatives, other derivatives is Internet TV, as derivatives, which started on the "do not take the unusual way", not confrontation and smart phones, the main function is healthy, sleep reminding, of course, the smart bracelet manufacturers, they are smart wristbands labeled "personal", "caring", "partner" and other labels, started to play a brand is innovation, which is an innovative products. Unfortunately, from the beginning not to be optimistic about the smart bracelet,

at least not to focus BAT injection, the other small players are trying as a base, the ambition to play a big market gradually eliminate. The original bracelet product, was on the toy brand extension, and for now, even after a year, they launched a second generation of even three generations of products, toys still escape "fate."

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